Nutrition Myth - I need to use a whey protein powder if I'm working out

Nutrition Myth - I need to use a whey protein powder if I'm working out


Protein powders such as whey have their place and purpose, but they are not a required part of a healthy lifestyle or all training and nutrition programs. Whey and any protein powder, as the name implies, is simply a good source of protein in a powdered form. Instances where use of any protein supplement may be beneficial include
  • Convenient source of protein when whole food is not available or desired
  • Proper timing of protein intake, such as immediately pre- and post-workout [1,2,3]
  • Low calorie protein source when dieting or low calories are required
Use of whey protein as opposed to other proteins of equal grams and times of ingestion in well-fed exercising persons would not likely increase exercise-induced results. Where whey protein and other high biological value (BV) proteins (those high in essential amino acids) may deliver value is in helping to maintain or increase muscle in low calorie situations[4], such as bodybuilders, wrestlers, or other weight-conscious athletes preparing for competition (these athletes are often underfed and over-trained at this point). Protein needs are based upon essential amino acid (EAA) requirements of the body and due to their high EAA content (especially BCAA and Glutamine), high BV proteins such as whey can more easily meet these requirements thus requiring less total protein and calories.


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