In sensitive people, protein powders can cause constipation and/or bloating based on the type of protein and/or sugars used.  If constipation is the issue, using a protein powder with fiber may help. If bloating happens it may be that you are sensitive to lactose (milk sugar), which is common in less expensive formulas. In this case using a whey protein isolate formula may help and/or add an over-the-counter lactase supplement.  The problem may also be from using a blender to mix the protein powder and other components of the meal replacement or meal supplement drink.  Instead of a blender, use a shaker bottle to mix your meal replacement/supplement by hand.  This will lessen the amount of air in the drink and help with gas.  We offer a variety of meal replacement/protein powders low in sugar with virtually no lactose, complete with and digestive enzymes to alleviate stomach distress common with other products.

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