I was interested in the glycemic index of your meal replacement bars, Peanut Butter and Brownie, and the LEAN MR? Thank you.


“Protein Bars” are not generally tested for an exact glycemic index (GI)* number (unless they are for medicinal purposes) since they’re combination foods containing protein, fats and carbohydrates (CHO) such as the products you’re asking about. Combination foods, such as the complete traditional meals we consume, alter the GI of each food.

That said, you can be sure the products (and all of our bars) you listed below would fall into the low-glycemic category (<55) and in fact probably very low (<30) because of the relatively low sugar (sugar alcohols significantly lower the GI), medium unsaturated fats and high protein combination. LeanMR contains a very specialized low GI carb blend and the high protein would also contribute to a very low GI rating. You can find all the info (and more) about the product and GI here

* The glycemic index (GI) is defined as the incremental area under the blood glucose curve after ingestion of a test food, expressed as a percentage of the corresponding area following an equivalent load of a reference carbohydrate, either glucose or white (wheat) bread. Low glycemic diets have been associated with healthier outcomes, including improved blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity and a longer feeling of fullness.

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