By moving every chance you get. First, take note that your body is burning calories all the time even when you sleep. You burn the least amount of calories per minute when sleeping so any movement beyond sleeping increases your calories burned. Therefore fidgeting (a general expression used for not being able to sit or stand still) increases body movement thus calories burned in ways such as squirming while seated, pacing or shuffling while standing. Fidgeting can truly be considered any non-exercise induced activity. Some people just can’t sit still and these people are generally considered “fidgeters” and leaner than their more lethargic counterparts. In fact studies have shown that people that “fidget” can burn up to 2000 more calories per day than “non-fidgeters” living in the same daily environment. Some people just can’t sit down while others always sit when they can. If losing or maintaining your weight is difficult, try incorporating the “move when you can” attitude by performing daily tasks standing/pacing or walking that you previously would have done sitting.

The math: For a 175 pound person, every 10 minutes of normal walking or pacing while doing something equates to burning approximately 20-30 more calories than if you sat down doing, the same activity. So, by moving upright for one hour (~2500 slow steps) more than before, you will lose about 1.5 pounds per month or 18 pounds for the year, as long as your food intake doesn’t increase. Note: the lighter you get the fewer calories your body burns, so for every 5-7 pounds you lose, you should add about 500 more steps per day if you chose not to slightly reduce or alter your food intake. Continue the process until you achieve your goal weight.

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