Everything you do burns calories. If you are asking if swallowing ice water leads to a greater amount of calories burned than drinking warmer liquids the answer is not much – at least nothing that has led to a proven weight loss solution. The quick math is that it takes ~8 calories to raise the temperature of ice water, which is ~37 degrees to body temperature (98.6 degrees), but also keep in mind room temperature or refrigerated fluids also need to be raised to body temperature so the net gain (maybe an extra 2-4 calories a glass) from drinking iced non-caloric fluids compared to your normal fluids is basically insignificant in the daily scheme of things. If you consume 8 glasses a day of ice water versus regular fluids you would maybe burn an extra 25 calories, which is equivalent to about 3 pieces of sugarless gum (which, by the way, burns many more calories than drinking ice water if you chew it long enough). Anyway the moral of the story is, don’t give up diet and exercise or simply moving more for drinking ice water for weight loss – and remember standing burns almost twice as many calories than sitting and walking can burn 3-4 times more. So if you are planning on incorporating drinking ice water for weight loss, make sure you drink it standing up.

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