Push backs from the dining table are the best exercises for “flattening” the stomach. In other words, you can’t spot reduce - no exercise can target losing fat from a particular area. You can only decrease your fat stores overall by eating fewer calories than you burn until the fat layer covering your stomach musculature finally meets with your approval. As you maintain a calorie deficit (eating less than you burn), body fat will leave from whatever area your body was genetically programmed to draw it from. As a rule of thumb, the last place on is the first place off. Therefore, you must stay in a calorie deficit and at some point the body fat will begin to leave the stomach area. Some people lose fat from their stomach area first and for others it may be later during the weight loss process before a significant amount of fat is removed from that area.

 All that said, exercising the abdominal muscles can add muscle so that when you lose the fat in this area your stomach area will have more pronounced lines or muscle definition. Larger muscles often help accentuate the body’s natural contours. In the case of the abdominals, it’s referred to as a six-pack.

And believe it or not everyone already has one – it’s just covered up on most.

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