No, in fact, you are welcome to eat your last meal in bed if you want—just don’t consume more calories than you burn for the day. By the way, a day is 24 hours, so who cares when you eat your calories? In fact bodybuilders will often set their alarms for a 2AM meal to make sure they get protein and energy delivered regularly throughout the day - and this is while they are losing weight for competition. The body does not have timepiece that tells it to store fat after certain hours. It only stores and retains fat if you consume more calories than you burn during any given period such as one day, one week, etc. Everyone has a certain number of calories they can consume without gaining weight. If you happen to change your daily schedule and end up eating a final meal or snack later in the evening without changing your calories, you are in no danger of accumulating weight as a result of changing the times you eat. However, ideally you would spread your allotted number of calories (the daily amount that allows you to reach your goal) throughout the day to prevent hunger and fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which can sap your energy levels.

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