No. Eating more calories than you burn makes you fat, whether those calories come from pasta, meat, soda, sauces or vegetables. Any amount of food/calories you consume over the average amount of calories you burn will be stored as fat. At the end of the day it is our non-fitness friendly environment that forces us to sit or not move most of the day, combined with our biology that has hard wired us to eat when food is available (and all of it) whether we are hungry or not that has led to overweight societies in developed nations. Americans eat ~250 more calories per day than they did a decade ago and they move less because of technology and lifestyle. Just remember one thing: excess calories make you fat. Your daily calories can contain pasta/bread at every meal if you like, but you should consume both as a whole grain not bleached (i.e. white products) since whole grains have far more nutritional/health value. Please see your dotFIT program to set your weight goals and for your ideal menu examples that will help you to your goal.

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