All persons of all ages should use a daily MVM to complement one’s best efforts to define and consume a proper diet. At a minimum, MVM supplementation is insurance against common and unavoidable shortcomings driven by typical daily diets and local food supply or availability. At best, the daily increased level of all known vital nutrients supplied by the MVM may indeed allow optimal cellular performance.

Levels of nutrition delivered by diet combined with a MVM (significantly higher but well within a safe range) has more potential than diet alone (especially within a range of acceptable calories) to supply all cellular entities/enzymes with enough materials to operate at full capacity, thus avoiding a potential triage effect that may be at the root of many chronic and age-related diseases. Calcium & vitamin D: supplement if daily needs of calcium (1000-1200mgs/day) and vitamin D (400-1000 IUs/day) are not met by food, sunlight and multivitamin & mineral formula. dotFIT makes a properly designed MVM formula that meets the needs of those with active lifestyles. The doses, forms and delivery are designed to maximize the formula’s effectiveness.

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